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2019 / Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Residential Sustainable Design / Student

Oasis | A Mobile Grocery Store Chain

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation/Residential Sustainable Design
  • Lead Designer
    Jay Jones
  • Design Team
    Jay Jones
  • Project Link
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design

Oasis focuses on transportation being used as a platform to help relieve food desert zones, and curb the food mileage that leads to food being wasted in America. Focusing on food and cooking education along with our perception of food will be the main inhibitor to reverse this. This platform will help increase the amount of profit farmers will make during harvest season because it will make use of all foods discarded due to regulations the government imposes. The food will be stored and shipped to all food deserts in the country. Here, food will be distributed while teaching food education.

Photo Credit: Jay Jones