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2019 / Packaging Design / Food / Student


  • Prizes
    Silver in Packaging Design/Food
  • Lead Designer
    Jian Zhang
  • Design Team
    MuTian Yu & Zhe Feng & Ling OuYang & WeiLi Wu
  • University
    Dongguan Gafa Cultures & Creativity Insitute

Jigsaw Biscuits contain four common snacks: chocolate, soft sweets, cheese and cream. These separate snacks are designed in the shape of five-pointed stars. They can be eaten directly, or they can be put into the center hole of the biscuits to eat together. The interesting taste of mixing a different snack and biscuit together has enhanced the interaction between the snacks in the process of constantly trying to match the snacks and also make the leisure time more novel and enjoyable.

Photo Credit: Jian Zhang