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2019 / Office Equipment / Stationery / Student


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Office Equipment/Stationery
  • Lead Designer
    Ling Ouyang
  • Design Team
    Ling Ouyang
  • University
    Dongguan GAFA Cultures & Creativity Institute

There are always some scattered small items on the table. These items are lying on the table alone. If I cover these small items with a small house, can I protect them? There are four sizes for choose which can be used to protect different items. From a distance, there seems to be a small village on my desktop, giving people a warm feeling.
This is an emotional desktop storage design, but also an innovative storage method. This design focuses on the place that bothers people in life, and makes it beautiful ,which bring people good mood and a new sense of use.

Photo Credit: Ling Ouyang