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2019 / Office Equipment / Stationery / Student

The Ink Of Life

  • Prizes
    Silver in Office Equipment/Stationery
  • Lead Designer
    Hongchuan Zhao
  • University
    Dongguan GAFA Cultures & Creativity Institute

This is a black pencil holder made from black to white color gradient design. Firstly, in the process of being consumed, the black feeling gradually fades on the pen, as if the "ink of life" of the pencil is gradually receding, showing a beautiful disappearance.The disappearance is very natural,and because the process is poetic,it makes people think of pencil transformation, that the consumption of good thing will turn into the same good things. Besides, the dark part is always at the writing end. When used as an indicator, it can attract people's immediate attention to the dark part.

Photo Credit: Hongchuan Zhao