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2019 / Office Equipment / Furnishings/Modules / Student

Office Stretcher

  • Prizes
    Silver in Office Equipment/Furnishings/Modules
  • Lead Designer
    Xinyue Guo
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Directors: Stan Rickel, Tim Wood

Office Stretcher is a modular product designed to improve the workplace environment by re-discussing the boundary of work and break. “Stretch" in the name indicates the stretching of the body, space, and time.
Body-it reminds the users to take breaks and to stretch. It also helps maintain workplace mental health by facilitating interactions such as peer appraisals and networks.
Space-the product compresses space without well-defined functions into a compact zone to increase space utilization.
Time-it encourages small group discussions, which are usually more efficient than large meetings.

Other prizes
IDEA 2023 (International Design Excellence Awards) | A Design Award & Competition 2023 | Core77 Design Awards 2022 | UX DESIGN AWARDS 2022 | MUSE Design Awards | International Design Awards | Magnolia Design Award 2020

Photo Credit: Xinyue Guo
Credits: Directors: Stan Rickel, Tim Wood