2019 / Media And Home Electronics / Electric Appliance / Student


  • Prizes
    Silver in Media and Home Electronics/Electric Appliance, Silver in Media and Home Electronics/TV, Video and Audio Equipment
  • Lead Designer
    Elham Mirzapour
  • Design Team
    Elham mirzapour
  • Other credit
    Elham Mirzapour
  • University
    I. Art University Of Tabriz

This product is inspired by Saturn planet, its rings, and the moon (Titan). The main body, such as the Saturn, is spherical. On the body, a speaker has been designed to inspire one of Saturn's hurricanes (exaggerated). Rotating the disc, rolling the music and moving the orange Titan (the needle) on the disc, depicts the rotation of Saturn's amazing rings along with its moon around the planet. Saturn is a symbol of rotation, beautiful and silent dance in the darkness of the infinity of the galaxy.

Other prizes
2018, Silver, A Design and Competition, Como/ Italy 2018, Gold, IDA (International Design Awards), Los Angeles/ USA 2017, Emerging Best product designer of the year, IDA (International Design Awards), Los Angeles/ USA

Photo Credit: Elham Mirzapour
Credits: Elham Mirzapour