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2019 / Life Science Design / Safety Designs_LS / Student

Re-Flex Bulletproof Vest

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Life Science Design/Safety Designs
  • Lead Designer
    Bailey Bertelsen
  • Design Team
    Bailey Bertelsen
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design

The Re-Flex vest is a bulletproof vest for police officers in the line of duty. With an eye to the future of body armor, the Re-Flex vest combines innovation in bulletproof materials, biometric sensors, and special expanding panels to provide greater comfort and flexibility. Worn over clothing as part of their uniform, the Re-Flex vest constantly measures the user’s breathing and heart rate, assessing the level of stress and activity being experienced. This data is interpreted and tells the vest to expand or contract to provide a better fit to the user in both active and passive scenarios.

Photo Credit: Bailey Bertelsen