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2019 / Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery_LS / Student


  • Prizes
    Silver in Life Science Design/Medical/Scientific Machinery
  • Lead Designer
    Russel Budnik
  • Design Team
    Russel Budnik, Behnam Haki, Samantha Sheldon, Kennedy Willis
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design

Research shows that the current market of in-home blood pressure monitors creates an opportunity to improve on several factors including accuracy of blood pressure readings, effective catering to disabilities, and an overly medical appearance. Calm is a new blood pressure monitor that aims to resolve such issues through: •an enlarged and simplified UI •a speaker providing result readback as well as soothing sounds •a comforting aesthetic to promote relaxation leading to more accurate results •In addition, more affordable manufacturing and easier end-of-life disassembly to aid in recyclability.

Photo Credit: Russel Budnik