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2019 / Home Interior Products / Bedroom Furniture/Accessories / Student

The mountain

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Home Interior Products/Bedroom Furniture/Accessories
  • Lead Designer
    Qi-Tao Wang
  • Design Team
    Xin Cheng
  • Project Link
  • University
    Institute of Information Technology of Guet

The form of "mountain" is brought into the product, put in the bedroom or sitting room, use the action of light and sound to help user alleviate fatigue, achieve the result that body and mind is cheerful thereby and comfortable loosen. At the same time create a wonderful atmosphere. It USES the form of light and music to reflect the cultural deposits of this landscape through the bluetooth connection of mobile phone. When you press it, it will switch to music, and the light will change with the rhythm of music.

Photo Credit: Qi-tao Wang