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2019 / Design For Society / Design for Environment / Student

Modular classification fast food box

  • Prizes
    Gold in Design for Society/Design for Environment
  • Lead Designer
    Chenyao Xu
  • Design Team
  • University
    Zhijiang college of zhejiang university of technology

Nowadays more and more people have the habit of eating take-out, because the cost is low, many fast food packages will include various kinds of tableware, this is to provide people with a more comprehensive service, but this leads to a large part of waste, many tableware will be discarded whether used or not. This design modularized napkin, toothpick, knife and fork, soup spoon and chopsticks, making it convenient for people to choose their favorite tableware and more sanitary to recycle the unused tableware for later use.

Photo Credit: Chenyao Xu