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2019 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery / Professional


  • Prizes
    Platinum in Industrial and Life Science Design/Medical/Scientific Machinery
  • Company
    Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited, India
  • Lead Designer
    Vikrant Raghu
  • Design Team
    Guruprasad S, Geeta Vishal, Chethan B, Anusha Nayak, Subbhashini S, Krishnan

Bosch digital pathology solution is a game changer in the traditional pathology space. It is elegant, simple to use with a single button operation, easy to load slide with a single hand, which would provide on-demand analysis. The design of our product imparts a hassle-free experience through its simplified one-step operation that favors faster and effortless slide loading. Multi-colored LED with seamless integration display gives a comfortable viewing angle during blackouts, thereby enabling perpetual working in the developing countries who face frequent power outages.

Photo Credit: Robert Bosch Engineering And Business Solutions Private Limited