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2019 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Safety Designs / Professional

MPOW Safety Earmuffs

  • Prizes
    Silver in Industrial and Life Science Design/Safety Designs
  • Company
    Shenzhen Qianhai Patuoxun Co.,ltd, China
  • Lead Designer
    Hu Chino
  • Design Team

This over-the-head earmuffs is a professional hearing protector featuring NRR 31 dB and a critical communicator when working under high noise environments. It’s lightweight, twin headband reduces heat buildup with good fit and balance. The double-shell of soft cushions add significantly to its secure-fit of all-day comfort. With built-in programmable two-way communication radio, the earmuffs allow for clear and hands-free speaking, so you are able to communicate face-to-face with your mate while never removing it, only pulling out the noise-cancel boom microphone.

Photo Credit: Shenzhen Qianhai Patuoxun Co.,ltd