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2019 / Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery_LS / Professional

Vu Scanner

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Life Science Design/Medical/Scientific Machinery
  • Company
    Cambridge Industrial Design, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Alexander Jones
  • Design Team
    Alex Jones, Tim Evans, Scott Meehan
  • Client
    PopBio Limited
  • Project Link

The Vü system has high sensitivity CMOS sensors to collect data from DNA gels using a patented [applied for] scanning method to accurately and quickly produce scientific quality images that were once only possible with high end CCD cameras. This new technique offers a compact, easy to use device to the life science research community. The bold enclosure design helps PopBio enter this established market with confidence while giving them a scale-able assembly for the future.

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Other prizes
IDEA award 1999 - Fender Passport P150 (PA systems) Red Dot award 2012 - Osram Kreios G1 (LED lighting)

Photo Credit: Cambridge Industrial Design