fsfdfd1 Loading Watch - Single Winner
2019 / Lifestyle And Travel / Luxury Goods / Professional

Loading Watch

  • Prizes
    Silver in Lifestyle and Travel/Luxury Goods
  • Company
    Alter Ego Studio, Russian Federation
  • Lead Designer
    Natalia Komarova
  • Design Team
    Elena Komarova; Nikita Nekhoroshev

The design of the watch is generated by the realities of the digital era. The loading lines not only perform an aesthetic function, but also provide an opportunity to take a fresh look at the time flow.
The loading lines are divided into small segments and are highlighted with a certain frequency corresponding to the course of minutes and hours. The color of the lines changes when the battery is low.
The watch is equipped with a mild backlighting of the liquid crystal screen. Since the zones of hours and minutes are separated they are easily perceived by an eye.

Alter Ego Studio is a design studio from St. Petersburg. The studio creates interior and product design. The company's philosophy is based on finding the ideal space for each client. The interior we live in and create affects us, our activity, mood and creativity. Harmonious space, designed for a specific person, allows to reveal its potential and improve the standard of living. When designing furniture and light special attention is paid to the adaptability and universality of the product style, which adapts to different styles

Other prizes
2018, Silver winner, IDA design awards, USA (California) 2018, Bronze winner, IDA design awards, USA (California) 2018-2019, Silver winner, A'Design Award & Competition (Italy) 2018-2019, Silver winner, A'Design Award & Competition (Italy)

Photo Credit: Alter Ego Studio