2019 / Material Design / Manufacturing / Professional

freisicht - pioneering eyewear

  • Prizes
    Silver in Material Design/Manufacturing
  • Company
    freisicht GmbH, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Jan Thomas Winter
  • Design Team
    Product Developement: Linus Frank, CEO: Sebastian Wittmann, Quality Management: Alen Schiffner
  • Project Link
A completely new approach: modern technologies combined with traditional knowhow from wood instrument making open up new sustainable possibilities with incomprehensible functions. The vision: to use solid wood (instead of commonly used glued layers) for the production of light and comfortable spectacle frames, but physically optimised in such a way that they can be deformed when heated and, for the first time, adjusted ergonomically. This innovation offers significant advantages from the design and production (safer, filigree, rounded) to handling by the optician and use by the end customer.

To make a pair of glasses from a single piece of solid wood is an elaborate process. Our drive, our inspiration and our knowhow is rooted in the traditional history of the musical instruments-manufacturing, from which we could learn a lot. We combine this knowledge with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. So we developed a completely new process for the modification of the wood. Thus it is possible for the first time that a pair of glasses made of solid wood can be adjusted by the optician. Our demand: not to make any compromises. Neither in the material, function, nor in the design.

Other prizes
- Green Product Award 2017 - Start-up competition – „Plan B“ 2019

Photo Credit: Freisicht Gmbh