fsfdfd1 Phantom - Single Winner
2019 / Illumination / Accent Lamps / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Illumination/Accent Lamps
  • Company
    Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic, China
  • Lead Designer
    Sheng Chuan Xin
  • Design Team
    HUANG Zi xia,WANG Jia yue,LIAO Wen long,MAI Hao dong,SHENG Chuan min,HUANG Peng cheng
  • Client
    Anhui Wonderful Electron Co., Ltd

Phantom realizes excellent user experience of angle adjustment through the clever structural design,so users can easily adjust light angle with intuitive experience. Phantom also features high-performance technology of gradient and focus dimming , which is suitable for lighting needs in different spatial situations from the beam angle of 12°to 50°. The lamp holder is small and compact with the size of only 50mm*68mm and the power of 18w.The modular design ensures maximum flexibility and capability of easy combination. In addition, the light has the function of adjusting the color temperature.

Photo Credit: Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic