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2019 / Illumination / Designer Lighting / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Illumination/Designer Lighting
  • Company
    Vista Alegre, Portugal
  • Lead Designer
    Mendel Heit
  • Design Team
    VA Studio
  • Project Link

Mendel Heit goes back to working with Vista Alegre, blurring borders and masterfully merging two areas of the brand's productive excellence, porcelain and glass. From this new meeting a lamp is born that joins and multiplies the possibilities of the materials (crystal and biscuit), expanding in intense and unexpected reflexes.
Mendel has a special interest in combining, on a human scale, new manufacturing technologies with the artisan heritage.

Founded in 1824, the Vista Alegre Porcelain Factory was the first industrial unit dedicated to producing porcelain in Portugal.
The factory started by producing glassware and soapstone pottery, since the composition of porcelain clay was still unknown. In 1880, Vista Alegre ceased its glassware production to focus exclusively on porcelain.
Nowadays, Vista Alegre is more than an industrial unit. It is also part of the Portuguese heritage, boasting buildings of undeniable architectural interest, and a repository of social and artistic memories essential to the building of a Portuguese identity.

Photo Credit: Vista Alegre