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2019 / Illumination / Designer Lighting / Professional

Mobius Strip

  • Prizes
    Platinum in Illumination/Designer Lighting, Silver in Illumination/Chandeliers
  • Company
    AIA Houston, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Ami Patel, Paul Kweton, Hide Takahashi
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Photos By Paul Hester

The Mobius strip and parametric modularity define our morphological framework for our physical form exploration. The Mobius Strip, a one-sided non-orientable surface, can be mathematically represented by parameters based on the topological definition as the rotation of a line segment around a circle. The principle of modularity is based on repetition, adjacencies and relations of modules to each other made possible by using Grasshopper for Rhino. The detailing of connection points and components are crucial for a successful module based design process and solution.

Photo Credit: Aia Houston
Credits: Photos by Paul Hester