2019 / Illumination / Interactive Lighting Projects / Professional

Leonardo 1482

  • Prizes
    Platinum in Illumination/Interactive Lighting Projects
  • Company
    Karice Enterprises Ltd., Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Maurice L. Dery
  • Design Team
    Maurice L. Dery, Jordan N. Dery
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  • Other credit
    Jordan N. Dery
The Da Vinci Collection Leonardo 1482 is based on the premise of using modern technology to create an original avant-garde suite of luminaires that accurately portray the spirit of what Leonardo was doing in the 16th century. The objective was to reflect the mechanics of Da Vinci, and his approach in magnifying and projecting light. In the fashion of Leonardo da Vinci, the theme revolves around machine gears, and magnifiers to direct the light onto mirrors. Eight wheels with cogs, move simultaneously, via a pull on the brass chain to redirect the light onto the wall or floor.

Karice has enormous passion for creating beautiful lighting products, pushing creative boundaries to craft the unimaginable with their cutting-edge, lights. Founder, Maurice L Dery believes aesthetic beauty is the by-product of intelligent design and dreaming up what has never been done before is just a part of daily life at Karice. Following a minimalist approach, Karice strives to refine their products to be as simple and efficient as possible. Each piece follows this passion for doing the seemingly impossible, and reflects a creative, practical solution to a complicated design challenge.

Other prizes
A'Design - Silver Award for Electron Wall Sconce April 2016 International Design Awards - Gold for Electron Wall Scone 2015 A'Design - Silver Award for Shroom Pendant April 2017 A'Design - Iron Award for Sprocket Light April 2017 International Design Awards - Gold for Electron Pendants 2016 A'Design - Silver for OLO Pendant 2018 A'Design - Bronze for Electron Pendant 2018 European Design Awards - Silver for Electron Pendant 2017 European Design Awards - Silver for Retta 2017 LIT Design Awards - Electron 2017 International Design Awards - Bronze for Diamond Luxennea S-2 2017 International Design Awards - Silver for Ennea Pendant 2017

Photo Credit: Karice Enterprises Ltd.
Credits: Jordan N. Dery