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2019 / Home Interior Products / Windows, Doors / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Windows, Doors
  • Company
    Fanzola Srl, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    giancarlo fanzola
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NULL windows hide an RGB LED strip that surrounds the window frame on four sides. This lighting allows you to create an object with integrated light, creating an illuminated path inside the home at the window. The light is dimmable with the possibility of changing color at will. The LED, being retractable, does not emit direct light, but this is reflected in the edge of the window creating a relaxing effect on sight, in relation to the principles on which chromotherapy is based, where colors convey beneficial properties.

Architect, passivhouse designer, work on opaque and transparent envelopes combining aesthetics and technique to obtain high-performance products for energy saving and highly aesthetic using natural materials that are easily recyclable and free of emissions harmful substances in indoor environments.

Other prizes
Awards special prize innovation EUROphit 2015 Awards Klimahaouse trend 2014 transparency and sun protection systems Awards Klimahose trend 2015 construction technologies

Photo Credit: Fanzola Srl