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2019 / Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture / Professional


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Home Interior Products/Interior Furniture
  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Christophe De Sousa
  • Client
    WEWOOD - Portuguese Joinery

The Bridge desk.
Is a tribute to the city of Porto, The only city in Europe with 6 bridges. This particularity was the inspiration for this project.
I wanted to make a product of daily use and whit a close connection to the user. An object that would allow a “bridge” between the digital world we live now and one more traditional.
Bridge is the “metaphor” that remind you to always keep connections and provide a passage over the obstacles that you may face at work.
Is made from oak or walnut with copper metal arcs that span the legs, much like the structures you’d find on the bridges in Porto.

Franco-Portuguese Designer, Christophe de Sousa was born in France in 1979. Passionate by the process of creation and production while obstinate by the form versus the function, he is a natural observer finding in details the greatest allies in the pursuit of perfection!
Since early 2017, Christophe de Sousa Studio is based in Porto, Portugal. He works with renowned companies such as Delta Cafés, Siemens, Wewood, Merzedes-Benz Headquarter Office and international institutions (Universidad Católica de Chile and BID16 - Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño).

Other prizes
2018 | GOLD MEDAL Feria del Mueble de Zaragozan Concurso de Diseño del Mueble Categoría "Mobiliario Innovador" Project - KANIV desk 2018 | WINNER 2017 GOOD DESIGN ™ Awards Project - KANIV desk 2017 | BRONZE AWARD EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD Project - SLIM chair 2016 | BRONZE AWARD A´DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION Project - office desk VERTK 2016 | 2nd PRIZE NARIZ DO CAVALO by DELAT CAFÉ Project- coffee machine TANGRAM 2015 | HONORABLE MENTION DRESS ME UP! by JORDAO COOLING SYSTEMS Project - BRISE

Photo Credit: Christophe De Sousa Studio