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2019 / Home Interior Products / Textiles/Floor Coverings / Professional

Free-form tile FLAKE

  • Prizes
    Gold in Home Interior Products/Textiles/Floor Coverings
  • Company
    Vorwerk & Co Teppichwerke Gmbh & Co Kg, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Vorwerk flooring

Under the motto “When 10 tile shapes make millions of possibilities possible”, Vorwerk flooring is now offering new SONIC tiles in the standard format as well as in exciting free-form designs. The gingko tree, with its unmistakeable leaves, is considered a tree of happiness in China. A beautiful reason for us to use the stylised shape of the gingko leaf as inspiration for FLAKE. A visual and form language, occasionally reminiscent of the Far East, that lends each room a balanced feel and harmony. Or, put in other words: an atmosphere with the goal to give fantasy the space it deserves.

Photo Credit: Vorwerk & Co Teppichwerke Gmbh & Co Kg