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2019 / Home Interior Products / Lighting / Professional


  • Prizes
    Platinum in Home Interior Products/Lighting
  • Company
    Lladró, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Marcel Wanders
  • Design Team
    Gabriele Chiave (Creative Director of Marcel Wanders), Pierre Favresse (Creative Director at Lladró)
  • Client
  • Other credit
    Photo By Lladró

Lladró Nightbloom by Marcel Wanders
It´s a collection of white porcelain chandeliers inspired by the way the petals of a flower delicately dance in the wind. Sculpted by hand with a sense of natural randomness, each part of the bouquet lamp is a unique and unrepeatable handcrafted creation.The Nightbloom collection includes a ceiling pendant lamp, a floor lamp, a desk lamp and a wall lamp, each offering a three-dimensional relief pattern. Each petal is purposefully positioned to take advantage of LED technology emitting light from within.

Photo Credit: Lladró
Credits: Photo by Lladró