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2019 / Flora And Fauna / Devices, gadgets or products not made for humans / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Flora and fauna/Devices, gadgets or products not made for humans
  • Company
    , Russian Federation
  • Lead Designer
    Vitalii Piatakov
  • Design Team
    Valeriia Piatakova

Patented floating device for flowers and decor. It can be used in natural and artificial reservoirs for decoration of events, HoReCa decoration and so on. Device has following advantages: resistance to wave and wind loads; possibility of placing objects of different weight and creation “rafts” of any size. Insurance life-sustaining condition for flowers even in hot climates, providing access to water. The device can float statically or move on the surface.This device solves the problem of floral and decorative design placement on water and opens a new niche in the design of water surface.

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