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2019 / Education / Classroom design / Professional

ZHIDA Experimental School

  • Prizes
    Silver in Education/Classroom design
  • Company
    Octopus Innovation, China
  • Lead Designer
    William Volcoff
  • Design Team
    Kang Jing, Longbing Li, Ruiyang Bao, Xiaoqian Xu, Kevin Lecoutre, Pier Fabbri, Federica Esposito, Enrique Zamora
  • Client
    ZHIDA Middle School

ZHIDA experimental school, located in Shanxi province, China, commissioned us to develop their brand and they complete visual and spatial communication. The school is mixing junior and senior students in two different buildings, connected by patios and external playgrounds. We use colors to structure all communication and classroom themes, keeping a red line to connect them all.
The entire project took over 2 years to complete, from an slot of land to many iteration of interior design and finally to a fully furnished school teaching over 2,000 students.

Paris & Shanghai based, Octopus Innovation provides a broad spectrum of design services to local and international clients.
We translate insights to creative solutions with business impact.
We create, develop and implement ideas to support companies development. We act as outsourced Art Director, allowing companies to reduce internal marketing cost and take full advantages of our creative team.

Other prizes
IDA award Bronze 2018 Yangquan Culture Product award 2017 Pingyao Culture Product award 2016 IDA award Silver 2015 IDA award Gold 2015 IF award 2011 RedDot award 2010 Braun Prize Finalist 2009

Photo Credit: Octopus Innovation