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2019 / Design For Society / Design for Society / Professional

TOMI For All - City's Best Friend

  • Prizes
    Gold in Design for Society/Design for Society
  • Company
    TOMI World, Portugal
  • Lead Designer
    Bruno Lamelas
  • Design Team
    José Agostinho, José Carlos Cardoso, Fábio Santos, Tiago Morgado, Patrícia Pinto, Vitória Peres, Sandra Figueiredo, Marcelo Pereira, Eduardo Rito
  • Client
    TOMI World
  • Project Link

TOMI promotes equity by providing essential information to everyone who interacts with it, promoting inclusion of people with disabilities. TOMI implemented new features that bring a new dynamic to the digital transformation of the cities and are the step up that cities need to promote more connected and inclusive cities, ensuring equitable access to every city aware topic.TOMI developed new features to its platform, making it adaptable to all the citizens with disabilities, providing now all the information to people with physical, vision, hearing or cognitive disabilities.

The center product of the company TOMI World is TOMI, a smart interactive urban solution that delivers all information that matters in the right place at the right time. Available 24/7 in cities worldwide. TOMI delivers to the cities what they need to become modernized and to stay in contact with its inhabitants. TOMI believes that is an element of integration of all other elements of the city, connecting all interests through the best technology transformed into a simple and easy to use and friendly product for all. Always in constant research and development TOMI is a friend of the city.

Other prizes
Worldwide Technical Innovation Award, 2016 edition Silver Prize at IDA Design Award, 2017 edition Gold Winner at A'Design Award, 2017 edition Winner at Smart 50 Cities USA, 2018 edition Winner at Innovacity Brasil, 2018 edition

Photo Credit: Tomi World