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2019 / Cleaning Products / Floor Cleaning Supplies and Tools / Professional

UP! Broom holding dustpan

  • Prizes
    Gold in Cleaning Products/Floor Cleaning Supplies and Tools
  • Company
    APEX by Fratelli Re S.P.A., Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Roberto Biassoni
  • Design Team
    Marco Re
  • Project Link

The new, unique and innovative dustpan model, that can be stored upright together with the broom.
UP! Holds the broom, lifting and protecting its bristles. In this way, it can be easily stored upright together with the broom, even in narrow places.
Furthermore, UP! can be fixed to and be used with the majority of brooms on sale; it adheres perfectly to the floor, picking up dirt in one go, and, thanks to its shape, it allows easy and safe moving of the dirt and quick emptying.

Photo Credit: Apex By Fratelli Re S.p.a.