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2019 / Catering Products / Bakery Equipment / Professional

Chef n' Table - Oven dishes

  • Prizes
    Gold in Catering Products/Bakery Equipment
  • Company
    Vetrerie Riunite Spa, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Giampaolo Delineo
  • Design Team
    Giampaolo Delineo Studio
  • Project Link

A new concept in oven dishes that focuses on design and functionality.
The Chef n'Table baking dish system has been designed based on the standard Gastronorm measures. Based on the required cooking method,the Chef n'Table concept allows several option. The deep base can be used on its own or base and lid together, the lid itself can be used as a shallow oven dish and used to serve directly to the table. In addition, you can place lid upside down on the base and cook in both dishes. The oven dishes are designed with perfectly contoured handles for a better grip.

Photo Credit: Vetrerie Riunite Spa