2022 / Material Design / Building / Professional

Forestlines - Bring nature home

  • Prizes
    Winner in Material Design/Building, Winner in Design for Society/Design for Environment
  • Company
    Paulussen Houthandel Bv, Belgium
  • Lead Designer
    Steven Paulussen
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The Forestlines by Paulussen is the next best thing in wooden cladding.
An intelligent aluminum extrusion profile was coupled to an untreated wooden batten.
In this way, every type of wood is optimized in its fire reaction class, even some go up to the fire reaction class B, which basic science says is considered impossible.
No pre- or post-treatment is required, as we only work with untreated wood.

The aluminum shields the vulnerable substructure, acts as a fire barrier against fire spread (as you know them in the woods), etc.

Paulussen Houthandel BV is one of the most innovative timber traders on the European market.
We are constantly looking for innovative products to promote contemporary problems such as fire safety, acoustics, sustainability, etc.

We always try to think outside of the box and do not save on budget to design solution-oriented.
This working method has ensured that we already have very strong innovations.
In addition, we are regularly contacted by colleagues to view their systems and possibly help design them.

Other prizes
RED DOT AWARDS 2022 (2x) with the Forestlines The best of the best in the category 'Materials and surfaces' The red dot for 'The best innovative product'.

Photo Credit: Paulussen Houthandel Bv