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2019 / Lifestyle And Travel / Travel Bag / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Lifestyle and Travel/Travel Bag
  • Company
    Zhongshan Torch polytechnic, China
  • Lead Designer
    Sheng Chuan Xin
  • Design Team
    WANG Jia yue,CHENG Jing
  • Client
  • Other credit
    In-house Design By:jiang Yong Wen,sheng Chuan Min
  • University

Inspired by modern street culture of street basketball, the HERO Luggage conceives a special size and shape in order to don’t occupy more space when used. HERO has three functional modules of Bluetooth sound, USB charging, and lighting. It endowed with heroic emotional intentions through the behavior metaphor of extracting energy module. The interior space is divided into 3 parts independently for placing basketball, sports shoes and clothes. Lastly, the CMF design of basketball texture on the surface is attractive and very useful which prevents scratching and reinforces shock-resistance.

Photo Credit: Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic
Credits: In-house design by:JIANG Yong wen,SHENG Chuan min