2018 / Toy Design / Toy for 3-6 year olds / Professional


  • Company
    Pq Design Studio, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Piero Quintiliani
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Runimalz is a hybrid toy made up of an
App/video game, a control board, three
characters (wolf, gorilla and chameleon) and a
totem/spinning top. Thanks to RFID technology,
the three characters come to life on the control
board that connects, using Wi-Fi, to smart-
phones and tablets via the App. The game
takes place by moving the creatures along the
three tracks of the special board. The
totems/spinning tops, instead, serve to
attribute special powers to the characters
during the game.

Runimalz is an interactive game designed for
children age 3 and up. The characters and
totems/spinning tops not only interact with the
virtual application, but they can also be used
out of the board like normal physical toys.

Runimalz is a project made in collaboration with
Xplored, a game design company that designed
and developed the video game. Our study
focused on the design of the board and the
optimization and industrialization of the entire
product. We worked paying great attention to
the playful and ergonomic factors so as to
create a game that is intuitive and user friendly.

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Photo Credit: Pq Design Studio