2018 / Children Products / Baby Products / Professional


  • Company
    Sc Deneris Trade Srl, Romania
  • Lead Designer
    Monica Olariu

After 2 years of research and a lot of testing, now, in 2018, we bring our customers the new ISARA CLEVER technology.

With the multiple easy-to-attach wearing styles, the ISARA CLEVER Cover thrives on innovation. The new smart technology lets you decide on how to wear it. Depending on what carrier you use or what way of carrying you prefer, you can pick any of the 4 ways of gripping.

Created by a babywearing consultant, ISARA is an ergonomic baby carrier, designed adjustable since 2013, from the very beginning.
It is a multidimensional ergonomic baby carrier, with a lot of features of adjustment for the perfect fit, as well as for an increased comfort and a stylich look.
Available in 2 sizes, standard size ( from 4 kg/ 8.8 lbs up to 20 kg/ 44 lbs) and toddler size ( from 8-9 kg/ 17 lbs up to 20 kg/ 44 lbs) ISARA is adjustable in height and in length making it suitable form wearing babies from infancy to toddlerhood, without an insert, only by adjusting the seat and the pan

Other prizes
GOLD WINNER at European Product Design Award 2017, European Parliament, Brussels SILVER WINNER at International Design Award 2017, Los Angeles, California, USA

Photo Credit: Sc Deneris Trade Srl