2018 / Toy Design / Educational Toy / Professional

XS Family of Toys

  • Company
    Trimiti Moebius Design Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Lead Designer
    Umesh Vinayak Nevgi
  • Design Team
    Hersh Umesh Nevgi, Ujjwal Suryakant Rane
  • Client
    Trimiti Moebius Design Pty Ltd
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The 3D Construction Toy-bricks & 3D Jigsaw Puzzles (of the awards-winning XS Family Of Toys) belong to one parent family with common design features (basic sub-element, interlocks on six sides, plastic material, hoop strain induced & vibrant colours). Stimulating creativity, nurturing spatial skills & promoting problem-solving in young children, these toys enhance their lifelong skills in many areas: physical, emotional, social, cognitive, creative & communication. This Value Of Play is more-so critical today, when young children are lured by addictive digital toys into being glued to screens.

TRIMITI MOEBIUS DESIGN PTY LTD is a young Australian Industrial Design and Product Design Engineering Studio that operates at both ends of the industry scale - local and global. Having worked for over two decades in the Product Design field in R&D departments of multinational companies (primarily, Bosch & Siemens) within the global automotive and medical electronics manufacturing industry, we now develop innovative concepts and drive precision design solutions for mind-stimulating and creativity-nurturing quality toys that engage children in Problem-solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

Other prizes
We believe our toys are, conceptually, more revolutionary than evolutionary in today's markets. Our entire XS toys family was awarded the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 by iF International Forum Design GmbH, Hannover, Germany in January 2017 (Shortened link: and the equally-renowned GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2017 from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum Of Architecture And Design, Chicago, USA in December 2017 (Shortened link: This products-range was also nominated by Rat Fuer Formgebung (German Design Council), Frankfurt, Germany in July 2017 for the industry-coveted GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2018. These International Design Awards and Nominations have been a design-industry recognition of the product design excellence and substantial innovation behind this products-range of ours. Stimulating creativity and nurturing 3D spatial skills in children and adults alike, our innovative toys strive to achieve more such peers recognition worldwide and to help push the envelope for quality in educational/fun toys for young curious minds worldwide.

Photo Credit: Trimiti Moebius Design Pty Ltd