fsfdfd1 Vantyghem Diamond Authentication Plate System - Single Winner
2018 / Packaging Design / Luxury Products / Professional

Vantyghem Diamond Authentication Plate System

  • Prizes
    Gold in Packaging Design/Luxury Products
  • Company
    Hofer Studio, Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Joseph Hofer
  • Design Team
    Kevin Vantyghem
  • Client
    Vantyghem Diamonds
  • Project Link
  • University
    Humber College Institute Of Technology

The Vantyghem Diamond Certification and Authentication Plate System™ improves upon the traditional parcel papers used to protect loose diamonds. The thick acrylic plate is laser-etched with diamond specific information regarding cut and quality, as well as tracking numbers. A computer-controlled operation creates the precise void, which presents the diamond upright and is ideal for reviewing under a microscope. The near invisible plate allows the diamond to command attention, and removes the need for tweezers when viewed by potential customers. An outer wrap secures for shipping and storage.

Hofer Studio was founded by Joseph Hofer, a multiple award-winning Canadian industrial designer. The studio approaches design projects with the user at the forefront, innovating the experience, and building with quality to celebrate and communicate a product's purpose and value. Collaborating with a number of entrepreneurial ventures focused on the redefining of products based on technology, business, and experience innovations, the studio recently won a European Product Design Award for Pair Knife.

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Photo Credit: Hofer Studio