fsfdfd1 Cleaner Marinas - Cleaner Oceans - Single Winner
2018 / Design For Society / Design for Environment / Professional

Cleaner Marinas - Cleaner Oceans

  • Prizes
    Platinum in Design for Society/Design for Environment
  • Company
    Seabin Project, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Peter Ceglinski
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    All Photos By Seabin Project

Seabin Project are addressing the current oceanic littering problem with a whole solution strategy. Technology, Education and Science because the real solution is not the Seabins.
Each Seabin has the capability to remove 1/2 Ton of debris per year and for less than $1 a day. The Seabins are capturing macro plastics (bottles and bags) and also micro plastics 5-2mm in size.
Surface oils are also skimmed and new developments have ensured that micro fibres are now being removed from our oceans.

Other prizes
METS 2017 DAME award category winner

Photo Credit: Seabin Project
Credits: All photos by Seabin Project