fsfdfd1 Crossover Large - Single Winner
2018 / Catering Products / Decoration/ Party Decoration / Professional

Crossover Large

  • Prizes
    Gold in Catering Products/Decoration/ Party Decoration
  • Company
    Creative Products, Netherlands
  • Lead Designer
    Rinze Wels
  • Project Link

The Crossover Large is a 732ft² structure that can be installed in less than 1 hour by 2 people. The packaging is extremely efficient as all items fit into one palletbox of 3ft9 by 2ft6 (europallet size). Once installed, the Crossover Large appeals to a lot of people thanks to it's contemporary design. The German TÜV approval ensures a sturdy temporary structure that can withstand extreme winds. The stormproof eye-catching Crossover Large can be used for events, brand activation, and shelter in private gardens.

Photo Credit: Creative Products