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2018 / Event Supplies / Flooring / Professional

Morpheus convertible rug tile

  • Company
    Ingrid Külper design AB/ Mattahari, Sweden
  • Lead Designer
    Ingrid Külper
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Ewa Malmsten Nordell

Handtufted rug tiles in NZ wool and bamboo fiber. Depending on how the rug tiles are placed different patterns can be created by the end user.

The rug tiles are easily replaced and stay perfectly in place as there is a layer of antislip underneath each tile and no further glue is necessary.
Transportation is much facilitated as the rug tiles come in stacks. Perfect to cover smaller areas in private homes as well as large public settings.

Other prizes
ePDA silver 2017 A´design and competition award 2017 silver IDA 2017 Gold German design Award winner 2018

Photo Credit: Ingrid Külper Design Ab/ Mattahari
Credits: Ewa Malmsten Nordell