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2018 / Office Equipment / Telecommunications / Professional

Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon

  • Company
    Nokia Technologies, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Maja Hedlund
  • Design Team
    Anton Fahlgren, Fred Simon, Michael Armstrong, Noel Billig, Axel Meyer
  • Client
    Nokia Fixed Networks
  • Project Link

The Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon is a carrier grade solution that enhances your broadband service. The modular system gives you the flexibility to bring high-performance connectivity to your whole home, no matter the size. The beacon supports AC3000 dual-band Wi-Fi coverage and automatically detects and resolves issues to avoid internet interruptions. The beacon provides real mesh technology to allow the network to pick the best path from device to internet. The accompanying application enables quick set-up to get the system up and running so you can manage your devices and share your network.

Photo Credit: Nokia Technologies