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Sedoviko ABS1: an abs bench for a stylish interior

  • Design Director
    Artem Sedov
  • Design Team
    Artem Sedov, Irina Seregina
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  • Awards and Prize
    ADD Awards 2017 public voting winner (

The idea: an efficient and aesthetic abs bench fit for the modern home, office, co-working spaces and alike. The bench is for casual and intense workouts alike, training with dumbbells, forward or backward facing, etc. The arched shape diversifies workouts, improves stretching, and makes the bench stronger. The ergonomic hyperbolic leg supports reposition, and can be soft-padded for greater comfort. Materials: laminated plywood, oak veneer on the front stand and leg supports, silky lacquer finish, stainless-steel. Size: 1585x500x510mm Various color and finish options are available.

Photo Credit: Sedoviko
Credits: @vodolazkyvictor MDL:@iaroslavbarber @d.a.s.h.a.22