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2018 / Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture / Student

Ngoma - African Traditional Drum Table (Redesign)

  • Lead Designer
    Pasque Dudley Mawalla
  • Design Team
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  • University
    Politecnico Di Milano

Africa has always been known for its vibrant colours and its tribal drums that shape the music and culture we know today. With time these drums had evolved to being decorative pieces and furniture, this is when we started seeing the emergence of larger drums that were used in people's homes as tables.

The project ‘’Ngoma’’ meaning Drum in Kiswahili is intending to revive this small piece of the African culture, Keeping this once symbolic and celebrated drum design alive and fresh into the 21st century.

Pasque D. Mawalla is a native of Tanzania, East Africa where he completed his secondary education before moving to Milan to further his education.With a background in Architecture; furniture and light design have become areas of interest for Pasque as he developed his understanding of space.

His inspiration for his furniture and light designs is fetched far and wide to create memorable forms and elegant pieces that when combined in space create memorable impressions .

Photo Credit: Pasque Dudley Mawalla
Credits: None