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Lizz - Cutlery Set

  • Company
    Herdmar, Portugal
  • Lead Designer
    Miguel Peixoto
  • Client
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Designed with focus on timelessness, the cutlery set Lizz in stainless steel, is the final result of a studying process of the most notorious needs on the current tableware paradigm, having as source of inspiration and basis for the establishment, the balance of the model Atlanta, Oslo fluid lines and Carmil’s simplicity (three company products).
With a robust character, it stands out for its ergonomics and sleek design, highlighted by symmetries between the pieces that stand out for its sophisticated design, completely adapted to the more contemporary and cross trend of all - good taste.

Born in 1911, Herdmar is one of the biggest producers of table cutlery in the world, with recognized merits everywhere, bringing to the market a distinct philosophy of democratic design which aims to present cutlery pieces as fashion items for the table.
Present in 72 countries, with the promise of “dressing the tables”, all the productive process goes on in Caldas das Taipas, Guimarães (north of Portugal), where the third generation of the Marques family is now at the helm of the direction, standing up for excellence, creativity and innovation on this traditional business in the region.

Other prizes
if Design Award 2015, German Design Award (Nominee) 2015, Tableware International Award 2017, European Product Design Award 2018, German Design Award (Special Mention 2019)

Photo Credit: Herdmar