2018 / Home Interior Products / Household appliances / Professional

ASKO Dishwasher DBI654IG.S

  • Company
    Asko Design Center, Sweden
  • Lead Designer
    Jon Carlehed
  • Design Team
    Jon Carlehed, Lisa Lindberg, Johanna Wahlin Eriksson
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  • Other credit
    Photo By Dan Holmqvist

Fully loaded! The ASKO DBI654IG.S is one of the frontrunners in terms of performance and consumption figures. To stand out, it offers the world’s largest loading capacity AND best flexibility, in part thanks to the unique middle rack. For stability and durability, this dishwasher uses more metal – as opposed to plastic - than any other brand. This metal ‘core’ is highlighted through the door and panel, made from a single piece of stainless steel, and true metal tact switches. It adheres to its Scandinavian roots by providing superior everyday functionality, behind a most understated exterior.

Photo Credit: Asko Design Center
Credits: Photo by Dan Holmqvist