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2018 / Home Interior Products / Lighting / Professional


  • Company
    Burkhard Dämmer Design, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Burkhard Dämmer
  • Client
    Lzf Lamps Sl

Burkhard Dämmer was inspired by Señor Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish novelist and dramatist who was fond of sporting a ruff collar.
Cervantes demonstrates the remarkable pliability of wood veneer. The ruff-like pattern, with its elaborate figure-of-eight folds, is fashioned into an intriguing latticework of wood strips. Set into a luminaire shaped like a concave lens, the wood strips make the ideal light diffuser. 
With an air of the Renaissance and a touch of the Baroque, Cervantes is a hi-tech light hailing from noble roots.

Photo Credit: Burkhard Dämmer Design