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Praying Bud -- Incense Burning Flame Retardant Device

  • Director
    Zhang Jian

Incense burning, as a part of oriental cultural feature, is kept by many countries currently. It can not only purify air, but also pray for the beautiful will.One piece of incense is 30-centimeter-long generally. If the living room is limited, or you have to leave due to temporary need and hope the incense not to be completely burned out, usually we shall cut off the combustion part by hand, which is not only wasteful, but also brings the uncomfortable psychological feeling by cutting off the combustion "pray".This type of incense burning flame retardant device is made of metal. The appearance consists of two "little buds"; the "bud" bottom is designed with a circle hole of the same diameter with the incense, and they are interactively firmed by small magnets. When burning the incense, it requires to select the length of incense to be burned; get the two parts of buds attach to the incense column by the magnet effect. When the incense is burning to the circle hole at the bottom of metal buds, then the incense will be naturally extinguished due to metal isolation, which realizes the objective of controlling the incense combustion length. After the incense is extinguished, it shapes a "bud" model of protruding from the soil, which means "praying" for the "fresh bud" sprouting the hope. If it needs to continue to burn the incense, take off the flame retardant device, and ignite the incense easily.There are three models which can be selected according to the growing state of "buds" sprouting of the metal retardant device, meanwhile, it can be matched and combined alternatively, forming different postures of "bud" model. Phrases: Cut off the combustion part by hand The incense is automatically extinguished when meeting the metal retardant device The magnet is designed at the bottom

Photo Credit: Zhang Jian