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Zeeq Smart Pillow

  • Company
  • Director
    Warrick Bell
  • Design Team
    Warrick Bell Miguel Marrero Jared Bell

ZEEQ Smart Pillow is designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and gently wake you up the next morning. The pillow encourages smarter sleep by monitoring and analyzing your sleep cycles, responding to the data it collects and providing insights on how to improve your sleep. 8 Built-in speakers deliver evenly dispersed audio throughout the pillow, and app connectivity provides access to your favorite songs, audio books, and more via smart devices. Developed to be an active participant in a better night’s sleep, ZEEQ utilizes the Snore Alarm function to track bedroom sounds and gently encourage the user to change positions when snoring reaches a predetermined volume. An additional alarm function uses internal hardware to track movement, then adjusts alarm time to wake users during the optimum part of the sleep cycle. Features Include: Wireless Music – Audio from various apps play through 8 internal speakers Sleep Analysis – Motion and sound data is tracked, analyzed and available via app Partner Friendly Alarm – Silent, localized alarm wakes only the ZEEQ user Sleep Motion Detection – Gyroscopic Sensors record movement throughout the night Snore Alarm – Sensors detect snoring, causing ZEEQ to vibrate, encouraging users to change positions Audio Sleep Timer – Plays music, mediations, and audiobooks for a predetermined time before bed Tencel® Fabric – Botanic fiber encasement is both moisture-wicking and temperature regulating 2 Week Battery Life – Extended battery life reduces recharge time and prolongs performance

Photo Credit: Rem-fit