2017 / Home Interior Products / Bedroom Furniture/Accessories / Professional

Stack of straw bed linen

  • Company
    Hayka, Poland
  • Lead Designer
    Gosia Dziembaj
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The design of the bed linen set with straw print was
created out of the longing for summer and nights
spent under the stars. Hayka is a private strawstack
for your own home use. A good observer will find in
it not only a semblance of summer adventure but
also several intriguing creatures and objects. There
are mice, a ladybird, a lost coin and obviously a
needle – as always in the strawstack.

The bed linen is made of a high-quality cotton satin
which is both durable and soft in touch. The
product is in 100% Polish: from design, fabric and
print to packaging. The photorealistic print gives an
extraordinary effect, and searching for creatures
and objects hidden in straw is enjoyable both for
adults and children.

On the one hand, the bedlinen imitating a haystack
is a simple and very clear idea, and on the other
hand it brings back forgotten emotions and
memories. Regardless of the country you are from,
sleeping in hay is so naturally obvious that the idea
needs no explanation. Some associate it with a
summer adventure, a moment of oblivion, others
with their childhood in the countryside or a pure
idleness. Hayka is a semblance of your old
sensations, summer serenity and curiosity.
It is a natural breath in this rushing, motley world.

Photo Credit: Hayka