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Pininfarina Evoluzione

  • Company
    Diavelo, Netherlands
  • Lead Designer
    Brian Hoehl
  • Design Team
    Paolo Lugaro Luke JelaskaSasa Stih
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The first Pininfarina electric bike: sporty character and ecofriendly soul.

Evoluzione is innovative from several standpoints. The key word of the project is integration.

Developed from a holistic design philosophy, all the main parts are perfectly integrated in the bike: the battery (patented technology), the mid-engine, the handlebar and stem, the cockpit, all the cables, the lighting system. The advantage of a high level of integration of all components is not only aesthetic but also functional because it means a better weight distribution and balance and a more comfortable and performing ride

Diavelo is a development company who work for A brands in the automotive industry and in the bicycle industry for leightweight electric vehicles.
We have a patentet battery solution called inside frame battery concept. This concept you will see on most of our latest bikes from Bugatti, Maserati, Pininfarina, Kawasaki, Diavelo and IKEA. Diavelo is owned by our CEO Brian Hoehl.

Other prizes
WINNER OF: 2 x IF Awards 2 x Red Dot design Awards 12 x GDA German Design Awards 2 X GDA German Brand Awareness Award 1 x GDA German Innovation Award 1 x GDA Automotive Brand Contest 3 x GDA Bicycle Brand Contest 12 x A' Design Award 2 x Universal Design Awards 2 x EPDA European design Award 4 x IDA International design award 8 x IF Eurobike Awards 2 x IF Taipei Cycle d&i GOLD awards 8 x IF Taipei Cycle d&i awards 2 x E-bike of the year (2017 & 2018) 3 x Nomination designer of the year by IAD 2017, 2018, 2019 2 x Nomination designer of the year by EPDA 2017, 2018

Photo Credit: Diavelo
Credits: https://www.pininfarina-evoluzione.com