2017 / Packaging Design / Food / Professional

Butter gram

  • Company
    Axiom Consulting Pvt. Ltd., India
  • Lead Designer
    Dilip C.s.
  • Design Team
    Amita Jain, Krattiika Gupta, Digvijay Singh, Anthony Gregory Hoover
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  • Other credit
    The Intellectual Property (ip) Of This Project Belongs To Axiom Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

A unique butter packaging targeted at today’s
health-conscious millennial population that
addresses some of the issues with using
butter, while at the same time conveying a
strong message on health.
The packaging addresses in improving problems
with storage, re-storage and application as
well as giving an extraordinary un-boxing

Concept Description -

The concept creates an awareness about health
consciousness by symbolizing the package as a
measuring weight. It gives a direct depiction
to the consumer about the heaviness and
bulkiness of butter.

Photo Credit: Axiom Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Credits: The Intellectual Property (IP) of this project belongs to Axiom Consulting Pvt. Ltd.