2017 / Packaging Design / Beverage / Professional

Berlin Vodka 0.7l

  • Company
    Berliner Brandstifter GmbH, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Frederike Wanstrath
  • Design Team
  • Client
    Berliner Brandstifter Gmbh
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The 7fold filtered and 5fold distilled Berlin Vodka hit
the shelves in the summer of 2016, making it the
most recent addition to Berliner Brandstifter’s
product range. Berlin Vodka is won from French
sugar beets of the highest quality and refined with
blossoms and botanicals local to the German

Berlin Vodka takes you on a stroll through the city’s
wild gardens. The senses are invited to enjoy the
familiar scent of wild roses, elderflowers, violet root,
blackcurrant and cornflowers while greeted by the
vodka’s ever-so-subtle floral and fruity notes.

Berliner Brandstifter is committed to empowering
its consumers to focus their attention their
enjoyment of the brand’s fine distillates. Berlin
Vodka’s bottle design impeccably balances a
minimal aesthetic with a splash of class with a sprig
of razzle-dazzle. The delicate use of a silver label in
combination with bold, red lettering and a sleek
design make for an eye-catcher on any shelf top.
The hand-numbered bottle strengthens the
emotional connection to the consumer and
underlines the craftsmanship and care that is put
into its creation.

Berlin Vodka’s personality is formed in the quality
and complexity of its ingredients, all the while
staying true to Berliner Brandstifter’s
characteristically mild taste.

Other prizes
Awards 2018:Vodka: SIP Awards in Kalifornien Los Angeles International Spirits Competition International Trophy Frankfurt World Vodka Award Category Winner UK Gold Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2018 "Germany Distillery of the Year“ Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2018 International Spirits Challenge 2018 BronzeGin: Asia International Spirits Competition Gold & Distillery of the Year Hongkong CWSA 2018 „Double Gold“ Silber Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2018 Silber Global Spirits Award Las Vegas The Spirits Business - Gin Masters 2018 UK - GoldBottle: Los Angeles IDA

Photo Credit: Berliner Brandstifter Gmbh