2017 / Packaging Design / Beverage / Professional

Windspiel Spirits

  • Prizes
    Silver in Packaging Design/Beverage
  • Company
    Windspiel Manufaktur GmbH, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Sandra Wimmeler, Denis Lönnendonker, Rebecca Mertes
  • Project Link

The packaging design for the aesthetically
appealingly design bottles of Windspiel
Premium Dry Gin, Windspiel Premium Dry Gin
Reserve and the Windspiel Barrel Aged Potato
Vodka include bottle, corks, ring, flag,
lettering and label. Windspiel operates its
own farm in the Eifel where potatoes are
cultivated for the production of the raw
alcohol of the spirits. Nature and
naturalness play an important role in the
design, but as spending unforgetable moments
of delightment are the goal of the company,
also luxury plays an important role. That's
why the cork is a natural cork from the
woods in Portugal. A golden ring and a cord
make it very special and show the
specialness as well they demonstrate the
luxury of the brand. The label of the paper
is a natural paper from France which is
decorated with a "Windspiel dog" - the logo
of the brand. It is dedicated to Frederick
the Great who brought the potato to Germany
and had a passion for Windspiel dogs. To
demonstrate the story, the flag contains the
so called potato edict of Frederick the
Great. The placement gives the bottle a
royal character. Also the bottle with the
Windspiel embossing is unique and shows the
special character of the brand. All elements
are placed in traditional craftsmanship on
the bottles.

Photo Credit: Windspiel Manufaktur Gmbh